Garnier Nutrisse Challenge

Finding a little “me” time when you’re a parent is nearly impossible. Just when the baby is in bed and the house is quiet, your mind races to find 83185 things to do rather than just sit and relax. Take it from a formerly very high-maintenance girl, even getting your hair done is a challenge. (FYI- I would never subject the other ladies at the hair salon to a mischievous toddler or screaming newborn. Salon time is a sacred getaway that must be honored!)

That being said, when Garnier Canada reached out to me to take their Nutrisse Challenge, I was game! It’s been a few years since I’ve tried at-home colour, but I figured I’d give it a try. I didn’t want to alter my hair color too much because I love having the same blonde shade as Charlotte (babies have the best hair). So I opted for Nutrisse Cream in Extra-Light Neutral Blonde (#101) to cover up my new scary grey hairs and to refresh my natural highlights.

The whole experience was super easy! The rich formula blends avocado, olive and shea oils that smell fresh and doesn’t drip. The formula left me with nourished hair, better color and my hair didn’t feel dry or brittle after coloring. Plus, Garnier Nutrisse covered all my stubborn greys (damn you parenthood!) I love how the product picked up my existing highlights and made them even brighter and camouflaged my roots. The color lasts up to 8 weeks, so that can extend my time between salon visits.

Before – Blonde streaked with grey and very dark roots
After – Back to baby blonde with less roots, and 100% grey coverage!

Now it’s YOUR TURN!

Want to try out Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Cream?Garnier Canada invites you to TRY IT, RATE IT, WIN IT. Visit their website HERE and sign-up to get your $2 off coupon. Then, tell them what you think of the product and you could win your next box of Nutrisse Cream.

REAL TALK: How do you take time for yourself? When’s the last time you colored your hair? Are you an at-home girl? Or do you prefer a salon? Tell me in the comments below!