Madeleine’s First Photoshoot

I’m revealing the photos from our shoot with Tanis Saucier Photography for the first time! Get ready for a cuteness overload…



Jen Baby Madeline

I’m finally showing off the beautiful newborn pictures taken by our photographer, Tanis! Let me tell you, the whole experience was great! For those worried about leaving the house with a newborn (and a hyperactive toddler), newborn photo sessions are really lowkey and go according to baby’s pace. I’ll walk you through the process…

Jen Baby Madeline
She is always so alert! Photo by Tanis Saucier Photography

We met Tanis at her studio, which was warm and cozy (it even had snacks for this hungry breastfeeding mama). She had SO many props, backdrops, headbands, toys! Truly something for any taste. I, of course, gravitate to the girly…anything pink #girlmom. We had already discussed the kind of pictures that I was looking for, so everything was set-up and ready for us.

Jen Baby Madeline
Little naked babies are the best! Photo by Tanis Saucier Photography

Tanis was an amazing baby whisperer. Madeleine was a bit fussy and Tanis was able to calm her by rocking, white noise and by her expert swaddling skills. She wrapped Maddie up and began snapping immediately. Charlotte was keen to jump in on the phone (that kid loves having her picture taken), and Tanis really made sure to include her in the process. We got some beautiful pictures of the girls together. And don’t worry, even if your toddler doesn’t want to pose with their sibling, there’s always photoshop! Tanis had a toy dog standing in for Maddie at one point and it made for some adorable shots.

I was most looking forward to the family pictures because #1. I’m obsessed with my family and #2. I have a bare-looking wall at home that will look so gorgeous with a photo gallery. When I saw the family pics, I cried! The sweet moments between hubby and baby, Charlotte and Maddie, and Maddie and myself are captured beautifully. And, I don’t look as tired and haggard as I feel (thank you photoshop!) Tanis was able to get smiles out of everyone!

I’m so glad that we were able to experience this as a family and we now have memories to cherish forever. Thank you Tanis!

If you book a custom portrait session with Tanis Saucier Photography & mention my name, you’ll get a complimentary 8×10 print from your session!

How to Choose a Newborn Photographer

There is nothing more precious than the first moments in your little one’s life. At any moment, our second little girl will be here and I don’t want to miss a thing. With Charlotte, I thought I had done a good job capturing every second, but there were definitely some opportunities I missed –  like the famous newborn photoshoot! Because we had so many breastfeeding issues (read about them here), I didn’t get my act together until about 6 weeks to take infant pictures of Charlotte. Although I adore them, looking back, I wish I had captured her as a sleepy, swaddled, squishy brand-new baby.

Charlotte at 6 weeks old – taken by our friend Sandra Milioto. Our little baby bear – I love this picture of her so much!

This time around, I’ve already booked a newborn photographer – Tanis Saucier. Based in Montreal-area from her full-service studio, she’s been working with newborns and their families for over 10 years. As a mom herself, and a former elementary school teacher, she understands how quickly babies and children change and is passionate about helping parents remember every sweet detail. I honestly teared up looking at her portfolio, imagining my new little babe all wrapped and posed.

Images © Tanis Saucier Montreal Newborn Photography

For other moms looking to take studio newborn photography of their bundles of joy, here are some words of advice from Tanis:

  1. When to schedule: Newborn sessions work best with babies 14 days and younger (ideally between day 5-10). During this time, newborns are sleepier, and still have that instinct to curl up.
  2. Photo inspiration: Tanis always scheduled a conversation before the photoshoot takes place to get an idea of what kind of photos a parent is looking for. Will there be a sibling involved? Do you only want pictures of the baby? What colors/poses do you like?
  3. What to bring: No need to bring anything with you for your newborn. Tanis will have everything you need – including props, bonnets, blankets, outfits and headbands. You will need to bring a backup shirt for the parents, as accidents definitely happen.
  4. During the session: The newborn session lasts about 2-3 hours. Once you arrive, feed the baby so that it will be nice and sleep for the photos. Tanis will pose and handle your baby with the utmost care, capturing closeups of tiny toes, lips, lashes and fingers.


There’s so much more that goes into a newborn photoshoot! Talk to the pro, Tanis Saucier, and she’ll be able to answer all of your burning questions. You can find her on Instagram at: @tanissaucierphotography


As for me, I can’t wait to share our little girl’s name & photos!!! Stay tuned 🙂 

REAL TALK: Did you take newborn photos of your little ones?